The Black Male With Initiative Program

The Black Men with Initiative (BMWI) program aims to develop a 21st century generation of leaders. This mission starts with young African American men, particularly those who demonstrate the potential to comprehend and apply the fundamental principles needed by leaders as well as whom, by virtue of their age and education, are often looked upon as role models by First Year students. Thus, the project, which was founded at the University of West Georgia (UWG) and now at various campuses across the nation, seeks to equip African American men with vital leadership and success skills, such as parliamentary procedures, conflict resolution, and public speaking.


Program’s History

In 2002, the Black Males with Initiative project was created at the State University of West Georgia to respond to the special challenges and unique needs of African American men on campus. The project was the conceptualized and developed by Dr. Said Sewell, then an Assistant Professor of Political Science, in regards to a two-year task force on African American males and higher education in Georgia. In short, the task force, commissioned by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents, examined numerous issues that contributed to the dismal academic and social performance of African American males in institutions of higher learning and suggested fifteen recommendations that might prove successful in reversing the trend. One of the recommendations was to develop programs for African American males that sought to provide a direct blue prints for success.

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